How to Become a Yoga Teacher

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Are you interested in taking your Yoga passion to the next level? Share your love of Yoga with others by getting certified to become a Yoga Instructor.

If you’ve decided you’re set on becoming a Yoga Instructor, where do you start? Check out Fit Job Search’s guide on how to become a yoga instructor below!

Pick the Yoga Style For You

As a yogi, you know there are distinct yoga styles and the same goes for choosing the right path to becoming a yoga instructor. Which one do you enjoy the most and which style’s teaching appeals to you? Explore the nuances and spend time discovering the right style for you.

Some popular yoga styles are:

  • Vinyasa
  • Bikram
  • Power Yoga
  • Hatha

Find a Registered Yoga School

Yoga Alliance is the largest non-profit that represents Yogis all around the world. They have Registered Yoga Schools (RYS) that can help you become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). The easiest way to explore schools and instructors that you’d like to support you through your journey is to search through Yoga Alliance’s directory.

Take your Time Before Commiting

Before you’ll be able to become a certified Yoga Instructor, remember that the journey will take at least 200 to 500 hours of training and some money out of your pocket. Don’t jump into a course too quickly and commit to the entire thing before knowing exactly what you’re getting into. One suggestion Fit Job Search would like to offer is to jot down the strengths and weaknesses you have found for yourself and focus on finding a teacher who can help you with those areas of improvement.

There are many yoga studios out there now and some will be willing to take your money even if they’re not the best fit for you. Be sure you know what type of training you want and then commit!

Finish the training and register with Yoga Alliance

Once you have completed the 200 or 500 hours of coursework, apply with the Yoga Alliance to become a Registered Yoga Teacher. The fees for the application are $50 USD and annual dues are $65 USD including for the first year to remain a RYT.

Additional Requirements Before Yoga Instruction

Additional Certifications: CPR certification, some studios may require other certifications

Skills Required: Physical fitness, great communication skills, positive attitude

Final Thoughts on Yoga Instructor Certification

If Yoga is what calls out to you in life, go for it and find the fulfillment we all search for! Whether you are planning on supplementing your current lifestyle with a few hours of yoga instruction a week or you’re going all-in and living the yogi life, getting certified is the first step.

Yoga Instructor Income and Lifestyle

Yoga Instructor work varies depending on individual’s choices. Some Yoga Instructors work full time and may be self-employed while others may be teaching on the side as a passionate hobby. Because Yoga is an internationally popular fitness option, the best part about becoming an instructor is that you have the option of travel while teaching. Also, some yoga companies and studios offer a lot of flexibility for instructors who are part time or full time which means you can be in charge of your own schedule.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data in 2015, the median annual income for a full time yoga instructor was $35,817.