Career Options in Fitness

You’re here because fitness is something you’d like to keep in your life for as long as possible Most people consider working out as a chore or something to keep themselves in shape but maybe it’s more than that for you. If helping others stay in great health is something you’re passionate about, maybe you should consider one of these career paths in health and fitness.

Physical Education Instructor

It’s important to teach kids how to keep a healthy lifestyle from an early age. Some children have families who are unaware of what foods are nutritionally rich or do not lead active lifestyles themselves. If you’re passionate about helping kids start out on the right foot, becoming a P.E. teacher may be the right path for you.

Public school educators, including physical education instructors, are required to have a bachelor’s degree. Other activities that may be a part of the role outside of teaching during regular class hours is helping out on sports teams as a coach or trainer. This could be a very rewarding career for those who want to instill healthy living values in students.

Physical Therapy Assistant

Athletes and people who are serious about physical fitness may sometimes become injured and need some guidance on their path to recovery. Physical therapy is a career path that mainly stems from health science but there is also the option of becoming a physical therapy assistant. This would be great to consider if you’re interested in physical therapy as a career but are not sure if that’s exactly what you want. Physical therapy assistants provide consultation with the guidance and supervision of a physical therapist. Physical therapists are required to have a license to practice and many are first physical therapist assistants in order to gain experience on the job.

Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer is one of the most popular work options for fitness fanatics. It can be rewarding, flexible, and have unlimited potential in growth. There are two popular routes to take when getting certified to become a personal trainer; working full time at a fitness club or self-employment and building up your on clientele. It’s advised to test out the first option of working through a health club first to test the waters and for a more stable income. Also, you wouldn’t need to worry about marketing, financials, and the other parts of running a business. The first step in becoming a personal trainer is finding a certification program.

Yoga Instructor

The love for yoga has spread across the world and the good news is there are now organizations that help you find the best flavor of yoga or program to get certified. Yoga studios and schools are in various parts of the globe so if you’re looking for an adventure, you can pair that up with your passion for yoga.

Another option is to work part-time at a yoga studio before taking it on as a full-time gig. Contact your favorite studio or try a few out to see if there are new styles you want to get into and ask about training programs!

Group Fitness Instructor

Pump it up! If your personality is the type to get everyone involved and on their feet, group fitness might be the perfect work path for you. Now that there are a handful of dance, aerobics, and strength fitness schools available, the next step is just figuring out which one you like the most. Zumba is a popular latin dance inspired class and Body Pump is one that utilizes weights for muscle toning.

Head to a gym around you to get a taste of all of them! If you like to socialize and inspire people to be their personal best by joining class, group fitness is a great option.