How to Become a Fitness Model

Do you want to be a fitness model? Do you have a great body and the cameras can’t have enough of you? Well, you might just be perfect for fitness modelling. Sports modelling, as it is sometimes known, has become one of the most competitive industries today. With platforms like Instagram, people who are passionate about fitness are able to build followings and start a career in fitness modeling. With so many ways of propelling yourself into the scene, you will need to be very dedicated and work hard if you want to make it in this industry. 

A lot of people tend to confuse fitness models with fit models. However, the two are totally different. A fit model normally works with a designer to ensure that garments are the ideal size while the fitness models are toned and are in great shape. Most fit models are not in any kind of extreme bodybuilding and muscle rippling whereas fitness models may incorporate those things to get to their ideal body shape.

The following are some of the physical requirements:  

  • A fitness model should be lean, fit, and have well-toned firm muscles  
  • Height range for women is normally 5’4 to 6’ whereas for men it can range between 5’10 and 6’3  
  • A fitness model should appear healthy and attractive  

A beautiful smile, great skin, and beautiful hair are plusses since models should have an appealing look that will market them to consumers. 

To have a successful fitness model career, you need to dedicate yourself to your workout and to ensure you look good by maintaining your physique. This is one way to market yourself to potential employers such as:  

  • Supplement manufacturers  
  • Athletic clothing companies  
  • Fitness companies  
  • Fitness magazines

So, how do you become a fitness model? You already have what it takes, how do you start out in this very competitive industry?

Get Noticed

You are probably asking yourself what you need to do to get noticed. Remember, you know who your target employers are. Get into fitness modelling competitions around you. Among the organizers of such competitions, there are always photographers and agencies looking for models. You can get into bikini and figure competitions as well. 

Alternatively, you can get into the online competitions. Here all you need to do is to post a photo of yourself on Instagram. This way, you may be able to attract a potential future employer. You can as well create profiles on modelling and fitness websites. 

Submit your Fitness Photos to Online Agencies

This sounds crazy but it is actually the best and most hassle-free way of getting yourself starting out as a fitness model. It is very legitimate and cost-effective. Your submitted photos will be seen by multiple agents all over the world and if they like you, well, you may have just hit that jackpot!

Find out your unique selling point

What is your strongest selling point? Sometimes just submitting a photo may not be enough to get you into fitness modelling. Maybe one of your selling points is:  

  • You are 50 years old and still, have your 20 year old body  
  • You are a mother to 5 kids but have a simple way of staying in great shape
  • It may be your background story, just give it a go! 

Work with a Reputable Photographer

Most fitness photographers have their own contacts. This may be a great way to have your photos published. As you choose a fitness photographer, go for the best in the industry or at least someone with a reputation. Most photographers or agents will have portfolios online for you to view.

Always Be Modeling

Ensure you are in shape all year round. Keep up with the market to know what its demands are. You can also do social networking. This way, you will not only be marketing yourself but also meeting people in the industry. This may be very helpful in getting yourself signed.

Final Thoughts

In as much as fitness modelling is always shown as a glamorous career, it is not always as it is portrayed. It requires hard work. In fact, it sometimes takes as long as 12 hours to get photos needed for just one spread.  The photo shoots may be fun, but the work put behind having to appear in that magazine or fitness website requires a lot of effort. Nevertheless, if you are committed and consistent, you will definitely make it.  It takes a lot of love to make a career out of fitness modelling. Stay focused, positive ,and watch your hard work push you to greatness!