How to Become a Personal Trainer

Are you passionate about becoming a personal trainer? Then what you first need is the right information and resources to get you started. This information will help you guide your clients so that they can achieve their objectives. First of all, you should personally lead a healthy lifestyle so it is reflected in your work.

Have the Right Certifications

Becoming a personal trainer is much easier after you have your certifications. The minimum qualification that you will be required to have is level 2 fitness instructor and level 3 PT qualification. It’s also important to get insurance coverage before you can start training. Remember that first aid training is also a requirement as accidents happens during training and you should always be the first responder. A good personal trainer should be able to design and implement workout programs that will enable his or her customers to reach their goals. Understand your customers and build that professional relationship. This will help a lot in building your credibility and career as you learn how to customize workouts for each individual client.

Get certified as a personal trainer because many fitness institutions will require at least one certification in order to be considered for the job. You can also diversify your knowledge by getting multiple specialty qualifications. This could help your chances because many fitness institutions will prefer several certifications before hiring you in order to cover more bases or types of programs. Personal training jobs are plentiful but competitive at the same time. Focus mainly on certificates that are related to the fitness training you’re interested in as they will help you expand your client base and market while staying true to your passion.

Choose your specialty

Overall, there are four types of trainers thus it’s very important to decide where you want to specialize and put your effort in. Typically, the four types of personal trainers are:

Generalists – as the name suggests, these are the trainers that you will find at your local gym. They can cater to your specific body type, goals, and preferred type of training. They are usually employed by gyms or self-employed and offer suggestions on exercise and diet. They typically help anyone in his or her training.

Athletics – this is the kind of trainer that you will find dealing with professionals or amateur athletes. Athletics personal trainers are mostly affiliated with the sports team, athletic facilities, and schools.

Specialized – Specialized trainers concentrate on a specific area where they have a deep interest. Specialists are very knowledgeable and usually stick to one area of expertise. Specialists can focus on areas like powerlifting, yoga, martial arts and others that may require intensive training.   

Rehabilitation – these types of trainers are mainly found in medical or rehabilitation facilities. Their training is designed to help patients recover from surgeries, injuries, or even addictions. This in most case requires schooling for one to qualify. This is similar to a physical therapy assistant job.

Find a Great Training Spot

Different gyms have different training facilities. As a personal trainer, it’ll be important for you to find the facilities that suit you and your clients. Most of the clients also check the gym facilities before they can enroll in any programs. In the case you commit to a gym that doesn’t have the equipment you need, you may end up losing your clients.  Where you want to do your training is a major factor that needs to be considered. This is because finding the right place will play a major role in attracting the right clientele that you desire. Don’t just go to any gym and expect to find clients. Research and find areas with people who seem like they have the time and resources to seek personal training. At first, you don’t need to get clients for you to start practising training. Simply start by training a few friends and this will help you prepare your demeanor, style, and professionalism. You could also start your own gym if you have the capital and be the personal trainer yourself to build a brand. Develop and shape your brand so that you can attract more clientele.

Final Thoughts

You see a lot of personal trainers online talking about the perfect lifestyle where all they need to focus on it working out. However, reaching that goal is not easy. You must start somewhere small and grow gradually. Hone in on the right type of skillset and mindset when training and be sure to dedicate a lot of effort in maintaining your health. A personal trainer needs to have self-discipline and respect. Respect yourself and respect your clients for you to grow and become the best personal trainer you can be.