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Job Description Summary

Job Description

Assist mold attendant and relieve other molding technicians and mold attendants on breaks or in the event of absenteeism.


Verify correct set-up of injection molds, presses, and auxiliary equipment before machine start up. Ensure press runs within validated molding conditions. Maintain acceptable part quality and submit samples for quality inspection and mold approval at the appropriate time.

Assist with the set-up and maintenance of auxiliary equipment, including granulators, conveyors, liquid temperature controls, and mold electrical controls.

Make minor repairs to machines and equipment and notify proper personnel of necessary major repairs.

Assist mold attendant and relieve other molding technicians and mold attendants on breaks or in the event of absenteeism.

Assist supervisor with training programs for new employees.

Responsible and accountable for: working safely around injection molding equipment, maintaining the expected product quality, achieving adequate production levels, keeping assigned areas clean, and maintaining plantwide 5S program.

Stay current with all departmental inspection procedures and standards. Responsible for the regular and periodic monitoring of product for acceptable quality to the most recent specification.

Maintain records and prepare legible reports, including SPC reports, QC inspection reports, housekeeping checklists, mold cavity sheets, production downtime reports, cycle time sheets and problem/corrective action logs, etc. in accordance with departmental standards and Quality System Standards.

Observe all safety and environmental procedures and Good Manufacturing Practices.

Work with limited supervision and maintain an atmosphere of cooperation among and between shifts, departments, mold repair, quality control, and management to facilitate departmental goals.


1. Perform miscellaneous duties as required by supervision.


(Identify 5 or 6 that are key to this position)

Action Oriented

Organizational Agility

Business Acumen

Process Effectiveness

Continuous & Versatile Learning

Promotes An Inclusive Work Environment

Customer Focus

Strategic Agility

Dealing With Ambiguity

Talent Management

Developing Others


Drive for Results

We Accept Personal Responsibility

Influencing Others

We Always Seek To Improve


We Do What is Right

Leadership Courage

We Treat Each Other With Respect

Managing & Measuring


1. Education


H.S. Diploma/G.E.D. (if hired after 6/1/00) Internal transfers exempted

Vocational/Technical School (Curriculum: Industrial Maintenance1,2,3)

Other: (Formal Injection Molding Training or Certification4,5,6,7)

1IMT 104 – Schematics

2IMT 107 – Basic Principles of Mechanics

3IMT 108 – Introduction to Industrial Technology

4Basic Thermoplastic Injection Molding

5Advanced Thermoplastic Injection Molding

6RJG Master Molder 1 Certification

7Scientific Molding Principles

Workkeys Skill Levels

Applied Math

Applied Technology

Locating Information


Reading for Information

Team Work

Required Entry Level

Experience and Knowledge

Type of Experience

Minimum of 2 years

Technical Associate, Set-up role, or equivalent

Fully describe the type of knowledge, skills, or abilities required: (e.g. tools, equipment, hardware or software).

This job role requires the following or the ability to learn the following within 90 days of the employee’s start date.

  • General knowledge of plastic materials and processes
  • General knowledge of mold design and operation
  • Good knowledge of injection molding processes
  • Skilled in safe operation of injection molding presses
  • Understanding of hydraulic circuits as applied to injection molding machines
  • Knowledge of auxiliary equipment involved in injection molding
  • Knowledge of good documentation practices and ability to maintain accurate records
  • Strong mechanical skills required
  • Initiative and ability to work with limited supervision.
  • Ability to use computer to generate product tickets and to make data entry.

Supervisory Responsibility

No Supervision of others

May be required to take a leading role, such as assigning activities to other associates who perform work that is similar or closely related to this position (less than 50% of the time)

Regularly required to take a leading role, such as assigning activities to other associates who perform work that is similar or closely related to this position (50% or more of the time)

Provides leadership, direction, and supervision for non-exempt associates, including writing performance reviews

Provides leadership, direction, and supervision for non-exempt and/or exempt associates, including writing performance reviews

Computer Skills Required for Position


MS PowerPoint

MS Outlook

MS Excel

MS Word

MS Access


Computer Access Required for Position



MS Outlook

Other: labeling program


On-the-job Training Period

A. Upon placement into position, associate can expect to receive the following amount of training provided by a qualified trainer:

6 weeks 3 months 6 months 9 months other: May be adjusted based on associates performance



Beard Cover (if appropriate)

Gloves (Type: Heat resistant gloves if handling hot plastic or hot mold/press components, Nitrile gloves when handling product)

Goggles, when operating air guns

Hair Net


Safety Glasses

Safety Shoes (steel toe)

Sleeves (cut resistant)

Sleeves (heat resistant)

Smock (for product safety)

Ear protection

Other: Face shield if working around injection unit nozzle or feed throat, Safety harness or other fall protection as applicable


Are there particular working conditions associated with this position that should be noted (i.e., working environment, hours of work, travel, workspace, etc.)? No

If yes, please explain:

Check physical demands that apply below:


Describe Job Duties that require the physical

demands indicated below



a. Standing



b. Lifting up to 30 lbs.

Carrying up to 30 lbs.

Pushing up to 20 lbs.

Pulling up to 20 lbs

Processing and monitoring equipment

Walking from press to press

Inspections, computer

Lifting totes of product

Carrying totes, parts

Tool box, waste material bin

Tool box, waste material bin



Checking hoppers on presses and conveyors






Inspection product, minor machine repairs



Manual Dexterity

Probing molds, pulling shots, cleaning

Handling tools, brass probes, etc.

Processing molds, making adjustments on controls



Meetings, normal communications

Vision Requirements

Depth Perception

Color Vision

Inspecting parts, paperwork, general duties

Becton, Dickinson and Company is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. We do not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, creed, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, marital or domestic or civil union status, familial status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetics, disability, military eligibility or veteran status, or any other protected status.

Primary Work Location

USA SC – Sumter

Additional Locations

Work Shift

NA (United States of America)

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