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Danforth Habilitation Association

Revised: 6/11/2020

JOB TITLE: Charge Nurse

SUPERVISED BY: Director of Nursing Services (DNS)

SUPERVISES: Direct Support Professionals (DSP’s) and Developmental Trainers (DT’s)


1. Current, Maine Nursing license.

2. Experience and genuine interest in working with individuals who have developmental disabilities.

3. Valid driver’s license.

4. Supervisory skills.

5. Good verbal and communication skills.

6. Ability to work well with others.

7. Knowledge and understanding of general nursing procedures and techniques

8. Direct Support Professional certification

9. Maintain the following certifications: CPR and MANDT

WORKING HOURS: Up to forty (40) hours per week/hourly wage.


1. Arrive at scheduled time and remain alert for entire shift. For necessary absences, follow guidelines in the Personnel Policy Handbook.

2. Complete time sheet accurately and legibly at the end of every shift.

3. Abide by DHA policies in performance of duties and responsibilities.

4. Follow professional boundaries.

5. Promote good relationships with consumers, co-workers, families, guardians, other interested parties and the community in general.

6. Participate in meetings as requested. Attend required in-service trainings.

7. Maintain a working knowledge of all job responsibilities.

8. Perform other tasks as appropriate to the position, assigned/requested by supervisors.

9. Works as a member of the team.

10. Acts as a good role model and demonstrates a positive attitude

11. Give and receive feedback in a professional manner

12. Represents the agency in a professional manner

13. Willingly performs other duties as requested or required by supervisor


1. Check posted schedule weekly

2. Check daily to ensure the physical environment is clean, safe, and comfortable. Report any unsafe conditions to supervisor or maintenance for corrective action by way of a maintenance work order.

3. Follow all medical orders in accordance with approved procedures that are prescribed in each consumer’s chart (including medication administration). Complete all appropriate documentation.

4. Be aware of all new orders or changes in orders for all consumers and follow through appropriately.

5. Assures physicians orders are transcribed and carried out correctly and effectively

6. Administers medications and treatments as ordered by physician. Document on MAR’s and TAR’s correctly.

7. Communicate with and follow up with physicians regarding any changes in the consumer’s status.

8. Encourage consumers to self-administer medications, as abilities allow and implements and documents programs as written.

9. Order medications and medical supplies as needed and as requested. Appropriately inventories supplies and medications when they arrive and takes care of them accordingly.

10. Carry out procedures necessary to control infection and communicable disease.

11. Ability to deal with stressful and emergency situations with calmness and tact

12. Helps coordinate consumer’s appointments and completes necessary paperwork and follow up.

13. Completes nurse to nurse report on consumer’s status and MAR checks at the change of shift.

14. Complete monthly summaries, quarterly care plan reviews, vital signs and primary duties as outlined by DNS on assigned consumer(s).

15. Maintain communication with Community Supports with respect to any new information regarding consumer’s health.

16. Promotes independence and active treatment.

17. Promote the philosophy of normalization in all aspects of the daily life of consumers.

18. Work closely with DSP’s in promoting preventative health habits. Assist consumers with Activities of Daily Living Skills (ADL’s) according to Person Centered Plans (PCP’s). Serve as a role model for staff and consumers.

19. Provide patient care when needed and be available to the DSP’s to provide assistance as needed.

20. Ensure appropriate use of personal spending money.

21. Ensure proper consumer body positioning and change in positioning at a minimum of every two hours is being carried out to stimulate circulation and prevent deformities and decubiti.

22. Maintain functional knowledge of written habilitation plans for each consumer.

23. Ensure Habilitation Plans are being implemented as outlined in each consumer’s PCP.

24. Observe consumers to determine any new needs and any progress or regression.

25. Attend in-service trainings and staff meetings as requested to keep abreast of regulations and to improve skills.

26. Report suspected abuse, neglect, mistreatment or exploitation immediately. Complete required documentation. Follow up on appropriate recommendations as identified by formal investigations.

27. Be familiar with use/completion of Incident Reports, Reportable Events, and Employee Injury forms and follow protocol for submitting forms.


1. Understands emergency protocols, initiate and follow through effectively.

2. Fills out call-out logs for absences or tardiness. When necessary, obtains coverage if nurse, DSP or dietary aid calls out or does not show.

3. Ensures other departmental coverage is accurate when in charge


1. Supervises direct support staff to include prioritizing work assignments, ensuring privacy, providing CNA care, etc.

2. Ensures appropriate reports and documentation are completed

3. Provides leadership, support and direction to staff

4. Differentiates and appropriately responds to issues as they arise; addressing immediate issues and deferring non-immediate issues to the appropriate supervisor.

5. Keeps DNS/QIDP informed of success and challenges

6. Effectively follow the supervision and disciplinary process and takes needed steps to address and improve staff performance issues.


SIT for 15 minutes at a time; no more than 3 hours in a 10 hour day.

STAND for 30 minutes at a time; no more than 4 hours in a 10 hour day.

WALK for 20 minutes at a time; no more than 2.5 hours in a 10 hour day.

LIFT 15 pounds frequently; 40 pounds occasionally.

CARRY 10 pounds frequently; 20 lbs. occasionally.

CHART KEY: F = Frequently O = Occasionally R = Rarely N = Never







Reach overhead




Operate foot controls




Operate hand controls


Climb stairs/ladders


Drive a vehicle


Operate a computer/keyboard


Perform fine manipulations


EVALUATION: Written performance evaluations will be done after working at least four hundred (400) hours or six (6) months, whichever comes first and then annually thereafter. These evaluations are subject to review and comments by the Administrator.

AGREEMENT: I have read the above job description, have had the opportunity to ask questions regarding content and meaning, and understand the requirements.

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Employee Signature/Date Supervisor Signature/Date

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $25.38 per hour


  • Healthcare: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Registered Nurse (RN) (Preferred)

To apply for this job please visit www.indeed.com.