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Denton County MHMR Center

Denton County MHMR Center is a Trauma Informed Care Center.

Under the supervision of the Program Manager of Community Support Services and within federal, state and local guidelines, provides quality Community Support Services and trains contracted staff in Day Habilitation and Vocational Training programs. Monitors the submission of required documentation with the day program staff. Performs entry-level to routine habilitative and rehabilitative care work with individuals who have developmental disabilities. Work involves implementing treatment programs and performing therapeutic or developmental activities.

The IDD Community Support Specialist provides direct care and training to individuals in the HCS, GR and TXHmL Programs. Support includes in-home training, community integration, respite, employment assistance (job development) and supported employment (job coaching). The IDD Community Support Specialist provides transportation, training, and instruction that enable individuals with developmental disabilities to have a more independent life. Works under moderate supervision, with limited latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgment.

Essential Duties
Services are provided to support individuals served living with their family members or residing in their own home. Supports may be provided inside or outside the place of residence, and should support assistance provided by family and natural resources. Supports should only be provided in accordance with each individual’s person directed plan and may include the following:

  • Direct personal assistance with activities of daily living (grooming, eating, bathing, dressing, and personal hygiene).
  • Assistance with meal planning and preparation
  • Securing and providing transportation.
  • Assistance with housekeeping
  • Assistance with ambulation and mobility.
  • Reinforcement of counseling and therapy activities.
  • Assistance with medications and the performance of tasks delegated by Registered Nurse
  • Supervision of individuals; safety and security.
  • Facilitate inclusion in community activities, use of natural supports, social interaction, and participation in leisure activities, and development of socially valued behaviors.
  • Habilitation, exclusive of day habilitation.

Employment Assistance (Job Development) for designated HCS, GR and TXHmL Consumers. Services are provided to assist the individual to locate paid competitive employment in the community by helping him/her identify employment preferences, job skills, work requirements and conditions.

  • Ensures services provided in accordance with each individual’s person directed plan.
  • Provides face-to-face contact with individuals to provide employment assistance that identifies the individual’s skills, preferences, and requirements for employment.
  • Provides face-to-face and telephone contact with an individual’s LAR to facilitate the individual’s employment.
  • Provides face-to-face and telephone contact with a prospective employer on behalf on an individual to negotiate the individual’s employment.
  • Provides services individually and not in a group setting.
  • Locates employment in integrated work settings where generally no more than one employee or 3% of the work force members have disabilities.
  • Ensures services are provided according to DARS contracted services.

Supported Employment (Job Coaching) to HCS, GR and TXHmL consumers as directed. Services include supervision and training needed to maintain competitive employment:

  • Ensures services provided in accordance with each individual’s person directed plan.
  • Provides training, supports, or interventions related to sustaining the individual’s employment provided directly to the individual at the job site.
  • Communicates and interfaces with supervisory and management staff at the individual’s job site.
  • Actively works to connect the individual with co-workers to provide natural supports at the job site.
  • Actively protects individuals from abuse, neglect, and violations of their rights that may be encountered in a community job.

Respite Services to HCS, GR and TXHmL consumers as directed. Services are provided on an emergency or planned basis as short-term relief to primary care giver. Supports may include any service listed under Supported Home Living or Community Support Services.

  • Ensures services provided in accordance with each individual’s person directed plan
  • Ensures all respite services scheduled through appropriate supervisor personnel.

Develops rapport with each individual served in a manner that demonstrates respect with an approach that centers on each person’s goals and preferences:

  • Consistently asks individuals their preferences and consistently acts upon those preferences.
  • Communicates and acts in a manner that supports the rights of individuals.
  • Utilizes communication techniques, including verbal Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behavior (PMAB) and behavior management methods, to prevent need for more intrusive measures of behavior intervention.
  • Actively protects individuals from abuse, neglect, and violations of their rights.

Ensures individuals served safety by providing adequate supervision to ensure health and safety needs are met and /or reported for each consumer served.

  • Provides supervision according to individual treatment plan.
  • Reports health or safety concerns to nursing and supervisory personnel immediately.
  • Provides emergency intervention when necessary according to DADS and Center rules and procedures, including CPR, PMAB, and First Aid.

Implementation of the individual’s service plan implementing formal and informal training programs including:

  • Completion of all required data trials of assigned training programs and therapy activities.
  • Completes all documentation required for program implementation including tracking logs and service notes.
  • Service note documentation includes a written narrative for each service event that describes the service and; when appropriate, includes information pertaining to the individual’s progress toward goals and objectives identified in the service plan.
  • Incorporates training identified in the individual plan into daily activities as required, including reinforcement of specialized therapies as directed.
  • Provides services per authorized schedule.
  • Notifies supervisor if family, consumer, or LAR requests change in schedule.

Trains identified service providers that perform work under contract with the Center. Training is specific to the individual’s Implementation Plan (IP) and consists of formal and informal training programs including:

  • Verify documents for accuracy and compliance with HCS, GR and TXHmL billing guidelines.
  • Monitors submission of billing documents weekly.
  • Ensures documents submitted timely.
  • Compiles delinquency reports as requested.

Completes legible and accurate documentation that reflects service provision.

  • Submits all documentation, including but not limited to, Service Activity Logs (SALs), timesheets, tracking logs, progress notes, training data, medication sheets, etc. within designated time frames.
  • Provides a written narrative, containing all required components, following each service event.

If assigned, assists individuals served with medications as required per Center procedures

  • Provides training and supervision of self-administration of medications according to consumer’s service plan, DCMHMR policy, and instructions from nursing services.
  • Assists individuals in administering their medications in a manner that maintains sanitary conditions.

If assigned, assists individuals served with banking, record keeping, and purchasing as required per Center procedures.

  • Assists with writing of checks to the extent required by each individual following departmental procedure.
  • Assure adequate funds are available prior to assisting with purchases.
  • Retains and submits receipts as required.

Transportation: If assigned, provides transportation maintaining Center guidelines and State laws.

  • Safely transports individuals both in Denton and to other locations in surrounding counties using Center vehicles and/or personal vehicle without accident, citation or other incident.
  • Follows all Center guidelines while driving, including restriction of food, drink, smoking, and cell phone use.
  • Adheres to all state driving laws.
  • Ensures vehicles are maintained with appropriate amounts of fuel and fluids.
  • Completes all required vehicle checklists as scheduled.
  • Maintains fuel and fluid levels of vehicles and reports all maintenance issues immediately to appropriate supervisor.
  • Maintains personal driving record within agency standards and requirements.
  • Provides on going evidence of current auto liability insurance.
  • Provides transportation in own vehicle only as approved by supervisory staff.

Community Integration: If assigned, assists consumers in community shopping, recreation, employment assistance, and leisure activities as determined by the service plan.

  • Promote inclusion in community activities by encouraging choice of activities.
  • Ensure assistance is provided according to the service including collecting and submitting required receipts and entering appropriate documentation in check register as required.

Meal Planning and Preparation: If assigned, assists consumers with meal planning and food preparation in accordance with individual choices and needs.

  • Respects individuals choices related to food.
  • Encourages individual’s independence in food preparation by assisting only to the extent required by consumer need.
  • Follows physician and/or service plan recommended diet in assisting consumers plan menus.

Serves as a member of the service team or provides input as requested.

  • Attends team meetings as requested
  • Completes assessments and reports for annual planning conference as requested.


  • Completes tasks within assigned time lines.
  • Is consistently available to support individuals served so that programs and services occur without interruption.


  • Ensures that internal communications follow departmental procedures with respect to protocol and lines of authority.
  • Advises supervisor promptly of incidents or situations, which would have an unusual, effect on, either positive or negative, on the agency’s mission productivity, or direct services.

Customer Service

  • Promotes principles of customer service through harmonious interactions with consumers, family members, the community and staff in a manner that supports teamwork and all other aspects of the mission of DCMHMR.
  • Adheres to all Center Standards of Conduct.

Adherence to state and federal laws, regulations, and agency policy.

  • No deviations from laws, regulations policies, or procedures pertaining to the operation of the Center. When deviations do occur, they are reported as needed to the supervisor.
  • Reports allegations or suspicions of abuse, neglect, or exploitation per Center policy.
  • Completed all required training without delinquency, including scheduled HRD and consumer specific training.

Work Safety and Health

  • Adhere to all emergency and preventative safety procedures, including Universal Precautions, in the performance of all work duties.
  • Identify and immediately report safety hazards to designated personnel.
  • Complete incident report for all on-the-job injuries and report to designated personnel on the shift the injury occurred.

Perform additional duties as deemed necessary by department supervisor within designated timeframes.

Education and or Experience
(1) A bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation, business, marketing, or a related human services field, and at least six months of paid or unpaid experience providing services to people with disabilities; or
(2) an associate’s degree in rehabilitation, business, marketing, or a related human services field, and at least one year of paid or unpaid experience providing services to people with disabilities; or
(3) a high school diploma or a certificate recognized by a state as the equivalent of a high school diploma, and at least two years of paid or unpaid experience providing services to people with disabilities.

Registration, Certification, Licensure & Qualifications

  • All job specific training must be completed within 30 days of hire.
  • Must maintain a valid Texas driver’s license, auto liability insurance and a driving record acceptable to the Centers insurance requirements.
  • Ability to remain calm in emergency situations.
  • Ability to communicate/act in stressful interpersonal situations

Location: 3835 Morse Street

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $11.00 – $11.50 per hour


  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Dental insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Employee assistance program
  • Flexible schedule
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Retirement plan
  • Vision insurance


  • Monday to Friday


  • IDD: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Bachelor’s (Required)


  • Driver (Required)

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Benefit Conditions:

  • Waiting period may apply

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