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Eminence Organic Skin Care

Eminence Organic Skin Care Training Specialist October 2019

Eminence Organic Skin Care
Contracted Training Specialist – Northern California including San Francisco (North and South Bay),
Chico, Mount Shasta and Redding
Part Time Position – 2 days a week (flexible)

How to Apply
Please send a cover letter and resume to with ‘Training Specialist –Northern
California’ in the subject line of the email.

For more information on Eminence Organic Skin Care, visit our website,
Facebook Page and YouTube Page

The Application

  • Update on Monday, October 7th, 2019 screening & interviews are in process, however,

applications submitted immediately are still welcomed and considered.

Location: Northern California, including San Francisco (North & South Bay), Chico, Mount Shasta and

Our Products

Eminence Organic Skin Care provides premium products and unparalleled service to leading salons, spas and
beauty professionals. Pioneer of the organic skin care movement, Eminence Organics combines more than
half a century of herbal craftsmanship and innovation with Hungarian-inspired healing to offer results-oriented
treatments. All of our products use only the freshest ingredients known to nature without harming animals or
using any harsh chemicals – we pick only premium quality ingredients to craft natural, organic and Biodynamic®

skin care that is good for the earth and good for the skin. Every ounce of our products receives personal
attention throughout production and packaging.

Eminence Organics cares about the environment and integrates sustainable practices into every part of our
business including planting a tree for every product that we sell through our Forests For The Future initiative.

Our Company
Eminence Organic Skin Care is the leading name in the field of Organic Skin Care. Eminence Organics is
renowned as the most unique and effective line of natural skin care products on the market today.

Eminence Organic Skin Care has been voted by skin care professionals as “Favorite Skin Care Line” and
“Favorite Product Education”, both for ten years in a row, as well as “Favorite All-Natural Line” for eight years
in a row and is considered #1 for skin care results in the natural & organic spa industry. Additionally, Eminence
Organic Skin Care has won multiple “Best of the Best” readers’ choice awards for the best skin care products
available, awards that are the most unbiased, prestigious honours given in the industry today.

Eminence Organics has also won multiple Environmental Awards & is a Certified B Corporation®, recognizing
the sustainable farming & green practices we use to create our products as well as recognizing the progressive
people practices we exemplify in supporting our team-members.
Since the arrival of Eminence Organics in North America, our business has experienced tremendous growth in
every major market in North America and has created distribution channels in over 60 countries.

Currently with over 300 team-members worldwide and with thousands of dedicated and loyal spa and salon
business partners, Eminence Organics has products which touch millions of faces and bodies across North
America and throughout the world each year. Our charitable initiatives, including the Eminence Kids
Foundation, impact thousands of lives each year.

Our Core Values

Extraordinary Service, Infectious Enthusiasm, Sincere Respect, Supportive Teamplay, Proactive Reliability,
Passionate Dedication.

Eminence Organic Skin Care Training Specialist October 2019

Role Summary

This position works directly with and for two local Eminence Outside Sales Representative (OSR). The OSRs
are contracted sales and training representatives to Eminence Organic Skin Care yet maintain their own
business entity. The Training Specialist’s main focus is in providing training and support to existing Customer
accounts while also exploring and supporting new Customer account opportunities. The Training Specialist
works closely with the Outside Sales Representative and the Eminence Central Office in Vancouver to provide
extraordinary training and service to Eminence Customers. As part of the Outside Sales team, the Training
Specialist also receives and processes Customer orders while fielding inquiries regarding orders and training.
The Training Specialist uses expert knowledge of products, skin care, massage therapy, seasonal promotions,
training techniques and extraordinary Customer service to provide exciting trainings to each Customer on a
regular basis.

The Training Specialist will contract directly to the two OSR’s to represent Eminence and is not an
employee of Eminence. The role responsibilities listed below will take up an average of 2 days per
week, starting with 23 accounts that need to be trained in any given month. The number of accounts
will increase overtime based on prospecting new accounts.

Reporting and Peer Relationships

The Training Specialist is employed by or contracted to the Outside Sales Representative and works in
partnership with Eminence Organic Skin Care to help educate our Customers in Eminence products and
esthetic techniques. The Training Specialist will also work closely with the Inside Sales Representative in the
Eminence Central Office to provide extraordinary service to all Customers.

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Provide outstanding education and knowledge to Eminence Customers
  • Nurture new Customer relationships
  • Regularly prospect new Customers within assigned geographical area
  • Increase product penetration by expanding the Eminence product portfolio in each Customer account
  • Drive ‘uptake’ of seasonal Eminence promotions and other Eminence promotions as directed by the OSR
  • Be available to all territory’s Customers to answer Product Knowledge questions
  • Partner with Customers and the OSR to address challenges and opportunities in each Customer’s

business (including, for examples: menus, backbar, retail merchandising, pricing) – including use of the
Eminence Onsite Quarterly Checklist and Marketing Checklist.

Customer Training and Support

  • Provide training every 3 months to each Customer at their spa location, as directed by the OSR

o Training appointments with each Customer may vary from 1.5 hours to multiple days depending on

each Customer’s needs

  • Providing Opening Order trainings once a month for the first 3 months after opening a new account, as

directed by the OSR

  • Prior to each training, determine the best training topics and approach most suitable for that Customer by

discussing each Customer’s needs with the OSR

o Topics covered are determined by the needs of the respective Customer, their OSR and/or by each
new promotion and product launch

  • Bring a clean, organized product supply kit for each Customer visit
  • Create learning environments where each Customer’s staff (including all front-desk, estheticians/massage

therapists and any other on-site employees or leaders) can learn from each other and feel comfortable
asking any questions

  • Maximize the information retention of Customers through tailored, inspirational, question-based training

o Product Instruction Manuals are provided by Eminence

  • Ensure all After Training surveys are completed by all training attendees and submitted to Eminence

Central Office within 48 hours

Eminence Organic Skin Care Training Specialist October 2019

  • While visiting each spa: assess the cleanliness, organization and presentation of Eminence products in the

retail displays, tester samples and ‘backbar’ areas in order to optimize service and retail sales.

  • Sending the OSR a detailed report within 48 hours after each Customer training on areas of opportunity

including merchandizing and marketing support that is needed

  • Assist Customers with placing orders and managing their inventory
  • Support Customers with the coordination of special events as directed by the OSR
  • Enhancing support and service to Key Accounts by conducting Monthly visits based on Monthly Visit

Guidelines supplied by the OSR


  • Follow the guidelines set out in the Eminence Sales Handbook and any other policies as set by the OSR
  • After each training, submit Gratis orders for training attendees to Eminence Central Office within 24 hours
  • Record and submit weekly record of trainings completed to the OSR
  • Receive, process and submit Customer orders within 24 hours
  • Record detailed recap of all on-site trainings to be sent in to the OSR Office Manager within 48 hours

Education, Conferences and Tradeshows

  • Participate in regular scheduled calls and meetings with OSR
  • Attend mandatory phone conference calls with the Eminence Central Office to learn about upcoming

product launch and training updates

  • Attend and assist in arranging Regional Training Events (events may be facilitated by Eminence

International Trainers) for additional Eminence training and education

  • Attend annual local Tradeshow(s) with OSR as a representative of Eminence
  • Attend Eminence Annual Business Conference in Vancouver once a year (approximately 5 days in July or

August) for further training and education

Performance Expectations

  • Exemplify the Eminence Organic Skin Care core values
  • Provide an impeccable representation of Eminence
  • Provide impeccable delivery in the content of trainings and presentations
  • Keep commitments and meet deadlines with Customers and OSR
  • Continually increase own knowledge of the latest and best Skin Care related techniques
  • Communicate any urgent Customer or training issues promptly to the OSR within 24 hours
  • Achieve and maintain a minimum 95% Feedback score on all After Training Surveys
  • Ensure all emails are returned within 48 hours (for both external and internal Customers)
  • Maintain a professional appearance and attire for tradeshows, Eminence events, onsite trainings and any

other activities where the Training Specialist is representing Eminence

Experience Required

  • Has a current Esthetician Licence and has been currently practicing for a minimum of 3 – 5 years
  • Experience with Eminence Organic Skin Care Treatments in a Spa (preferred)
  • A dual (Massage Therapy) license is an asset
  • Minimum 1-year facilitation/presentation experience is an asset
  • Background in how to run a business is an asset
  • Background in sales is an asset (previous responsibility for running a sales territory preferred)
  • Ability to travel through winter conditions and a vehicle suited (AWD) to do so
  • Valid credit card, mobile phone and driver’s license for assigned territory is mandatory
  • Ability to travel overnight within the territory for up to 1 night
  • Ability to travel outside of territory for up to 1 night

Eminence Organic Skin Care Training Specialist October 2019

Skills Required

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent training/presentation/facilitation skills
  • Multi-tasking capabilities
  • Superior interpersonal skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Customer resolution skills
  • MS Excel skills preferred Computer skills (especially MS Word, Outlook)

To apply for this job please visit