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First Watch - Bearden

Capstone Concepts – Franchisee of First Watch


Culture and Management:
1. Develop and maintain a culture of accountability, integrity, service and trust where team members understand their roles and customers are priority.

2. Develop a management team for future growth. Always be conscious and aware of talent and opportunities to “grow your employees.”

3. Set standards so all units achieve a 95% or better health and Steritech inspection.

4. Ensure all policies and procedures, whether HR, Safety, Financial or Operational in nature are being upheld in the unit daily.

5. Provide hands on leadership when working in units. Work positions and provide feedback.

6. Call units daily to coach manager regarding sales, labor, social media and daily plans.

7. Hold bi-weekly manager meeting to set and enforce standards.

8. Check weekly schedules to ensure they are written correctly and posted on time.

9. Follow up on food cost issues, track buffet waste and cheese usage.

10. Spot check period food inventories.

11. Perform period Unit Evaluations. Post on One Drive.

12. Be accessible to all unit management teams.

13. Run units through your teams. Continue to run your home unit to a high standard.

14. Insure we are growing the Email club sign up.

15. Handle all complaints in a manner that aligns with our culture of service.

16. Work with marketing on initiative rollouts and event preparation.

17. Participate in bi-weekly First Watch calls.

18. Call units daily to coach manager on: Sales, labor, re-fires, and daily plans.

19. Create ways to increase No-Wait and Sunny Club sign ups.

20. Communicate effectively, keeping the COO informed.

21. Ensure units are staffed with qualified team members/managers at all levels.

22. Ensure hiring policies and practices are followed.

23. Perform second interview on all cooks and servers. Make recommendations for new hires.

24. Check People Matter daily for new hourly Employees.

Training, Development, and Retention:
25. Develop Black Hats and Black Apron team members.

26. Develop a management team for future growth.

27. Hold training classes at units.

28. Hold LTO product training classes at the units before the product live date.

29. Participate in unit staff meetings.

30. Ensure all team members follow Capstone Concepts’ uniform standard.

31. Check termination paperwork. Make sure all reporting protocols were met. If a key holder leaves make sure door locks and safe codes were changed.

32. Follow up and verify all cash deposits are made daily. Verify safe balances every quarter.

33. Sign off on all invoices submitted to the office for payment.

34. Check weekly paperwork to ensure accuracy of, invoices, Safe Sign off, Tip out report, DSR, labor reports and anything else required by the office before it is turned in.

35. Hold managers accountable for hitting their budget guidelines.

36. Ensure all team members are executing LSM and capturing any offerings or coupons properly.

37. Participate in writing yearly budgets with COO, Controller and management team.

38. Follow up on food cost issues and implement plans to be under gap by .6%.

39. Spot check period food inventories.

40. Review P&Ls; with team each period.

41. Audit re-fire report and daily checks to ensure no theft is happening.

New Unit Openings:
Responsible for completing the duties of the Opening Trainer position if opening a new unit without the assistance of an Opening Trainer. If an Opening Trainer is assigned to a new unit opening, you will be responsible for working in coordination with the Opening Trainer.

  • Can recite and explain Capstone Concepts Mission Statement, Motto and Philosophy
  • 5 Years management in a full-service restaurant
  • 2 Years multi-unit supervision with a full-service brand
  • 1 year at GM level at First Watch
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office products
  • Organized
  • Hands-on leadership style
  • Valid driver’s license and personal vehicle insurance
  • Ability to motivate and develop team members
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Time management skills and ability to multitask
  • Ability to make good decisions and find alternative solutions

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