Executive Chef/ Kitchen Manager

Goose Feathers Cafe

What we want in an applicant is a person who knows food and can actually manage a group of 8-10 individuals and do it in such a way as to create a culture of positivity and the desire to learn all they can about food. What we need is a person who is a Teacher, a Mentor and who challenges each member of their staff to be better each day. What we don’t want is: A person who wants to come in and recreate the wheel and change the whole process. (We have that part under control) Or a person who thinks they walk on water, been there done that.( Please leave your ego at the door) Yes, we have high expectations. Yes, we expect excellence, Yes; we want people who are driven and people who take pride in what they do and truly want to be a part of something great and yes we know it’s not a lot of money at this moment in time. However, it is not where you start it is where you finish. You accomplish all the things we need and the money will be there. You’re just going to have to trust us. So read the job description and requirements below and if you think you have what we need please apply. No offense, but please don’t apply if you can’t meet our requirements. We’re busy running a business.

This position offers the right person lots of growth opportunities as we prepare to expand across the Southeastern United States. We need a person who sees past the current compensation and sees the future of the position that will be developed from this which is, Lead Trainer and Process Facilitator, Head of R&D; and Kitchen Set-up Specialist for our future franchisees and as the company grows (which it has by double digits over the past 10 consecutive years) so will your compensation.

To prepare, cook and present high quality food quickly and efficiently. To ensure the smooth running of the kitchen, at all times and to supervise, train and motivate a staff of 8-10 with the key aim of delivering exceptional food to our customers. All applicants must have at least 3-5 years experience as a Kitchen Manager or Sous Chef in a full service restaurant, Culinary Degree , Managerial Serve Safe certificate, and be able to pass a background check and drug screen. Verifiable references and salary history are required for this position.

  • Must have extensive background in Scratch Cooking and Baking and be able to follow detailed recipes
  • Have a background in developing and implementing and teaching all BOH training curriculum for staff
  • Manage the opening and closing of the kitchen
  • Prepare, cook and present food, quickly and efficiently, meeting our high standards
  • Assist in keeping the kitchen clean, hygienic and tidy, at all times and maintain Cafe’s Perfect Health Score.
  • Keep up to date with current industry trends and new product development
  • Work safely around kitchen equipment and monitor and deal with any maintenance issues
  • Be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and have above average computer skills.
  • Manage all kitchen-related office administration paperwork and Employee Performance issues
  • Manage and maintain correct staffing levels
  • Identify and take an active role in the recruitment and training of new staff members
  • Menu development and cost plan to improve the sales and profitability of the café
  • Controlling food costs on a continual basis within approved budgetary controls
  • Maintain accurate food-ordering and stocking levels, including all kitchen materials
  • Assist in achieving monthly financial targets set for the café
  • Manage wastage through correct product measurement and error reduction
  • Maintain personal knowledge by completing in-house monthly & quarterly training, attending continuing education courses
  • Ensure specs in all recipes and food apportionment are met.
  • Always adhere to all company policies and procedures
  • Be involved and contribute at team meetings
  • Carry out instructions given by the owners

This position represents the highest quality of excellence in regard to the product we provide to the buying public and therefore the person who is ultimately hired for the position will be charged with insuring that the cafes reputation is maintained, but also the overall guidance and development of this department for our future franchises.

To apply for this job please visit www.indeed.com.