Health and Wellness – Fitness Center Coach

  • Group Training
  • Part Time
  • Anywhere

Hockomock YMCA

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Identify and support health seekers in the Wellness Center, connecting them in meaningful ways with other staff and members to help develop and deepen relationships. Create a welcoming, non-threatening, and educational environment in the Wellness Center. Be a positive role model to members in the Wellness Center by identifying and striving towards personal health and wellness goals and by staying current with industry-related technology and health and wellness trends.
  • Behave in a professional manner, strive towards personal wellness goals, and show a genuine interest in, and dedication, the health and wellness of others. Respect the individual goals, needs, and perspectives of each member. Do not prescribe anything to any member, including, but not limited to nutritional vitamins and supplements.
  • Knows and abides by YMCA policies and procedures to include all personnel policies, facility policies, accident reports, incident reports, and the code of conduct as outlined in the Personnel Handbook and Emergency Procedures. Utilize equipment repair tools and guidelines as instructed by the Wellness Director.
  • Demonstrate support for the YMCA Reach out for Youth (ROFY) through member awareness, voluntary participation, and participation in events supporting raising funds.
  • Work as a team player, supporting coworkers and the mission of the YMCA in the community. Demonstrate support for special events by participating, recruiting participants, and aiding in delivery of those events at mutually agreeable times.
  • Work to ensure a neat, clean, and organized Wellness Center, including all workout areas, paperwork, towels, and cleaning supplies.
  • Be on time and in proper staff attire for every shift. Each person is responsible for getting qualified coverage for any scheduled shift they are not able to work. It is expected that you will be willing to cover shifts for others when you are able. Changes in shift coverage must be communicated with the Health & Wellness Director immediately.
  • Attend all staff meetings and training seminars as they are scheduled. Take advantage of off-site training as they are made available.
  • Perform any additional tasks as assigned by the Health & Wellness Director.
  • Floor shifts during peak hours (as determined by the Health & Wellness Director) will be covered by Certified Personal Trainers. Floor shifts during nonpeak hours (as determined by the Health & Wellness Director) can be covered by Wellness Center Coaches or Certified Personal Trainers. Exceptions to this rule require prior authorization by the Health & Wellness Director.

Our YMCA is committed to identifying and improving the lives of health seekers. In your role you will be expected to initiate engagement with members in the Wellness Center and support them on their wellness journey as we strive to improve the experience of all those in our YMCA community.

We are seeking floor coaches with the following shifts available:

  • weekday openers 6am-9am
  • Saturday 7-2 and Sunday 8-4


  • Must be able to demonstrate an understanding of the core values of the Hockomock YMCA (honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility).
  • Able to ensure the members’ safety and health, by constant movement and situational awareness. Must be able to demonstrate an understanding of cardio and strength equipment training principles and an ability to successfully guide participants through an equipment orientation.
  • Able to comfortably and effectively initiate engagement with the members, maintain appropriate professional boundaries, and be courteous and friendly to all members and guests. Through these engagements, a Wellness Center Coach must be able to proactively work to fill their shift with appointments relative to their qualifications.
  • Be comfortable with providing feedback and suggestions to the Health and Wellness Director, including (but not limited to) member concerns and ideas for member programs.

All certifications must be renewed in a timely manner in accordance with general YMCA policies. Certifications should include, but not be limited to:

  • CPR
  • First Aid
  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Redwoods Safety related training

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