Bi-Lingual (English/Spanish) Sales Representative

Operation Triple T, LLC

If you are truly interested in this position please provide a cover letter as to why you feel you would be a good fit for the position and how it relates to your past and present experience and any certifications or training to match. We ask that you read the full job description before applying or expressing interest and attach both your cover letter stating why you want to work with us (not a generic cover letter please) & resume as this will help us better gauge your sincere interest.

This position is part time with minimal hours to start (2-3 hours per day and currently only 3 days per week Monday, Tuesdays, and Thursdays – see exact days and times and locations below) with the possibility for more hours in the near future but you must be able to work early evenings on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays between 5:30pm – 7:30 pm at either of our 2 park locations or 4:30pm – 7:30pm at our other park location (see below full details). In the near future we are considering morning hours from 6:30am – 9:00am.

Part Time Trainer will be paid for 2-3 hours per day (depending on location) at $15 per hour or $30-$45 per day and train our members for 1 or 2 sessions depending on location (as currently we have reduced sessions due to the new park hours). We expect in the near future to reopen additional sessions and hours for our trainers as the membership and demand increases. We pay an additional 1 hour for set up/break down of equipment prior to members arriving, store, and return the equipment & mobile fitness vehicle to it’s original location (typically minutes away). Please know our members always help to break down the equipment as the session concludes.

In some park locations the trainer will conduct group fitness instruction in 1 or 2 sessions depending on the park location each day 3 days per week (Monday, Tuesday, & Thursdays). There is a minimum recruitment requirement for each trainer to sign up at least 3 new members each month with the help of management and we offer a commission structure for each sign up and an end of the month bonus for trainers that reach their monthly quota and or go above the minimum requirement goal each month.

Trainer is paid on the 1st & 16th of each month and there is opportunity for more hours for each trainer based on your daily/weekly flexibility and additional session times and locations that we offer throughout South Florida (Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park, Tropical Park, Coral Reef Park, and other contracted sessions and events available).

Seeking 3 dedicated Certified Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor or soon to be a Certified Trainer (2 field trainers and 1 virtual trainer for our live zoom sessions) to work with Operation Triple T, LLC members to help train our early evening Fitness Bootcamp sessions at our locations Coral Reef Park in Palmetto Bay, FL (5:00pm – 7:00pm), Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park near Zoo Miami off of the turnpike and SW 152 St (6:00pm – 7:00pm), and Tropical Park -Bird Road off of the Palmetto Expressway and 79th Ave (currently in the field near shelter 10 & the big hill from 6:00pm – 7:00pm plus 30 minutes set up and break down time), and a Virtual Trainer from 6:30pm – 7:30pm. The days required for all field trainers and virtual live zoom trainers are every Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday.

Operation Triple T, LLC has multiple locations with members that are either apart of our Virtual Training & Run Club program and others that have an unlimited access allowing them to attend any of our 3 locations: Tropical Park (7900 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33155), Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park (14445 SW 122 Ave, Miami, FL 33186), Coral Reef Park (7895 SW 152st, Palmetto Bay, 33157). More locations and Trainer opportunities can arise as the company continues to grow and take on additional jobs from various locations, schools, & businesses.

Operation Triple T, LLC Fitness Bootcamp separates ourselves from the competition specifically because we offer true resistance training in an outdoor environment utilizing various portable gym and specialized equipment along with mixing that with hundreds of cardiovascular & plyometric body weight, and fitness exercises.

Here are our Trainers Main Requirements:

If you are unwilling to do all of the below for each and every session please refrain from applying to the position:

– Arrive 30 minutes before the session begins and pick up the company mobile fitness vehicle located either at the park location already or less than 3 minutes away from the park location.

– Set up the company canopy, table, chairs (complete with flyers & information about our program to be handy when passers by request it) for a more professional look.

– Set up the equipment needed for that particular days sessions prior to members arriving

– Be prepared for and perform the planned WOD (workout of the day) which is either sent the night before or early that morning by the Owner. This WOD must be performed unless authorized to make a change with prior communication. Trainer is also required to have their own closing workouts to conclude the session after the WOD has been completed depending on the time remaining, i.e. fun workout games, abs/core, plyo, cardio, steady state cardio, etc.

– Take pictures and videos during each session and send to our team chat rooms following each session on the same day as these pics/videos are great for moral for the team and also used each week for marketing efforts and Social Media posts (this is not optional)

– Upon completion of the session, reload the equipment safely and securely back into the mobile vehicles usually with the help of the members in an orderly fashion and drive it back to its original location.

– Trainers will be required to obtain the contact name and number of all interested potential members that inquire about our program and send it to the owner each day.

– Trainers will be required to work with management to sign up at least 3 new members a month which requires to keep a log and follow up with previously interested members or potential members and invite them for a free demo, and follow up after the demo is completed and communicate with the member & owner, our sales person, and other trainers in our team chat room to ensure best chance at combining all efforts to sign up the potential member.

– Trainers that sign up more than their monthly allotment of new members each month would be eligible for commission pay (to be discussed at phone interview approximately $10-$25 per new member)

Additional Requirements:

– Current Certified Personal Training certificate by a recognized college, school, or organization & continued education and renewals required by each organization to maintain an active certification or soon to be Certified Trainer. Those not certified may still be eligible for our Internship program at less pay per hour but must be actively pursuing their certification and provide an expected date of completion. Internship members must truly demonstrate why they wish to work for us to be accepted.

– Must be willing to help us bring in new clients monthly as they walk by or using own self marketing efforts such as handing out flyers to passers by or within the park vicinity (going out of your way to recruit new clients makes you eligible for a higher commission as opposed to potential members that come up to us which is typical). Also using on personal social media to advertise our services is needed to spread the word, face to face, and even presentations whenever the opportunity presents itself. Minimum requirement of 3 new sign up a month by you. If you fall below this threshold for consecutive months leads to additional training, and eventually potential loss of employment should you be unable to meet or come close to minimum member requirement requirements for several consecutive months. We feel 3 new members per month is more than doable considering potential members literally walk up to our tables every session. It’s all about following up with them. Plus exceeding minimum requirement leads to sales commissions in addition to your base pay plus bonuses for reaching your monthly goals and exceeding them.

– Current ALS/First Aid/CPR certificate or willing to get certified and must renew certification before expiration

– Clean Driving Record

– In some locations you must be able to drive company van to and from pick up location

– Must be willing and able to train in all 3 of our locations which are all within 10-15 minutes of one another

– Must pass current background check (Shannon Melendi Act)

– Bi-lingual (English/Spanish is preferred due to the demographic of many residents in the surrounding communities)

– Ability to lift 50 – 100 pounds at any one time for exercise demonstrations pre session and also to lift up to 45 lbs at a time for loading and unloading into company vehicle)

– Ability to perform all exercises in an instructional manner before all sessions

– Ability to occasionally join in with members at at any time and work out amongst them to show leadership and physical fitness readiness

– You must be in peak shape to lead most if not all members by example (including running, long distance, HIIT, Plyo, cardiovascular and muscular endurance and strength workouts)

– Be knowledgeable of all 10 components of fitness (CardioRespiratory Endurance, Speed, Power, Agility, Muscular Endurance, Balance, Coordination, Joint Flexibility, Body Composition)

– Must complete 1 week of non-paid trainings in person at all 3 locations with the owner prior to starting on their own to gain tips and experience working with our members and various training styles.

– Must also be available for brief non-paid scheduled team meetings over the phone every 1-2 weeks for 15-30 minutes to go over any updates, ideas, concerns, questions, etc from management or the team. However most communication is done via our trainer chat rooms as we keep lengthy phone calls to a minimum here.

– Must be able to respond to management texts or messages in the trainer chat at least within 1-6 hours acknowledging that you received and understand the message and provide responses when needed. We do understand our trainers have other prior engagements, commitments, jobs, school, personal, professional however a timely response within a reasonable time is expected due to the constant changes in an outdoor mobile fitness company where weather, new members arriving, and other logistical needs require sometimes immediate feedback although again we respect and allow a reasonable amount of time to respond.


– Ability to command a large group of varying ages 10 years old to 60+

– Provide daily feedback to the owner via text or phone call of session occurrences and any member or trainer needs or requests.

– Notify owner of any damaged or missing equipment and request replacement when needed

– Reduce wear or damaged equipment by manually fixing minor issues before they get worse

– Maintain a safe environment for all members and staff and report to local authorities and to owner of Operation Triple T any suspicious activities

– Have an open mind for constant change for the betterment the staff and bootcamp members

– Have an extensive knowledge of exercises, muscle groups worked for each, and the ability to explain exercises to members to help them understand why we perform such exercises and how it effects & benefits their muscle groups.

– Ability to research daily new exercises to increase customer satisfaction, interest, and to keep them coming back for more which will as a result avoid the plateau affect for members and their physiques

– Accept instruction & Feedback from other instructors, members, tenured staff, and Owner of Operation Triple T for the betterment of the staff and it’s members

– Be communicative with all staff, owner, and members (this is critical).

– Share ideas with owner and other Trainers & Coaches to enhance staff and member experience

– Being a motivational leader both on and off the bootcamp field and in our team chat rooms both before and after sessions and on non session days (while you may only train 3 days a week, the members appreciate any and all feedback from their trainers whenever you are available throughout the day.

– Help with member retention to re-energize members that you see at risk of cancelling or not being engaged weekly in attending sessions.

– Being active on our team chat room to “cheer” and comment on member posts at least once a day especially those you personally train regularly at your perspective park, i.e. pics of them working out, eating healthy, and taking part in active/rest days

– Have daily positive motivational speeches for the group before or after every session to increase member attendance and encourage future session participation

– Encourage active rest days and including members to participate in our Run/Walk Club & Virtual Training program on non-Field-Bootcamp days

– Your Hourly Salary pay is determinant on the average number of members on a monthly basis beginning at $15 per session with option for raises based on helping to increase membership each month. So having some basic sales acumen to bring in interested new members both on and off the job will help you get raises faster.

– Be adaptable and be able to adjust exercises on the fly or due to sporadic weather forcing you to move to an indoor (under shelter) environment (We DO NOT cancel sessions due to typical South FL rain)

– Be knowledgable with the multiple uses of all equipment provided to you. Must be creative here.

– Be able to use your personal cell phone or iPod to play appropriate high energy music I.e. Pandora, Spotify, ITunes, Apple, or other source open format (not just one genre all of the time) during sessions to cater to member likes using our blue tooth speaker device (not responsible for added data rates). Music must absolutely never have any profanity or derogatory sexist lyrics.

– Be mindful using best weather apps throughout the day to determine the best location for members for the upcoming session minimizing chance of members & equipment getting wet and considering members join our live zoom session if we suspect heavy rains for the upcoming session in the park location you are scheduled to work. However also being mindful that in So FL it traditionally rains in the afternoons especially in summer but clears up just after 5pm.

Additional Background a Bonus:

– Previous Military Experience is a bonus but not required

– Additional Languages spoken including Spanish & ASL (American Sign Language) due to some members and staff our Spanish Speaking only or deaf or Hard of Hearing.

– Previous Athletic Sports background familiar with team drills, teamwork, and group training

Unwanted Activities or Behaviors likely to disqualify you pre or post hire:

– Any inappropriate behavior or touching of members including slanderous, sexist, racist, chronic cursing, comments to members or staff including on social media, personal texts, emails would be automatic grounds for termination including any legal discourse.

– We do not tolerate taking members for personal 1 on 1 training or smaller group sessions for your your own personal gain or businesses that you have on the side. If found conducting 1-1 or group training of any current or previous Operation Triple T members within 1 year of them discontinuing their contracts with us is grounds for immediate termination or legal action.

– Should you terminate your employment with Operation Triple T, LLC for any reason, any soliciting of its current or past members (within 1 year of them discontinuing services with us or from your employment) would also be grounds for legal ramifications and reflects poorly on your personal and business ethics.

– Soliciting products, recommending weight loss/gain supplements is not allowed and is to be done solely by an approved & owner authorized personnel (Our Registered Dietitians & Nutritionists). Ultimately any detailed nutritional advise will be provided by the Owner or Licensed Nutritionist designated to you to avoid legal ramifications of clients and potential health risks associated with such advise that you may not be qualified to give. We strive to educate clients on consistently doing the right things each day, week, month, and yearly approach and making it a lifestyle is the best approach. Trying to skip sound guidelines will only ultimately hurt our clients in the long run and provide false hope and temporary success and we aim for long lasting success.

Perks of the Job:

– Truly a fun atmosphere meeting dozens of new members monthly and being the true leader of many in helping them get to their best selves over time (it’s truly invigorating to help so many people and to see them positively develop week after week, month after month, year after year)

– This organization is one that provides quarterly fun events for all members & staff to attend and build true camaraderie, i.e. sporting events, restaurant/lounge events, Beach BBQ’s, Family Park Sports Days, house get togethers, 5K’s, Marathons, Specialty Races (Spartan, Tough Mudders, etc.)

– All of our park locations have great potential to reach a large number of new members within a few short months and our sales team, marketing efforts, combined with your efforts will help you get to your top base wage and more with time and your extra efforts.

– Attempting to obtain this position to push other products and services is unwanted. Although if you have expertise or connections within the fitness field that we currently do not offer that could help benefit our members we can discuss the potential of adding in such services.

– Also if you feel this position is just for you to pass the time before your next fitness trainer opportunity comes around please do not apply as we take lots of time to train our trainers for the outdoor group fitness environment and members get attached quickly to our trainers so we would be doing them a disservice if we hire trainers that don’t plan on staying for a significant amount of time.

– As we are still considerably a young company of 6+ years, we are growing considerably and opportunity for additional work and hours will come in the form of training on our behalf at Schools (after school for parents, teachers, & middle school students), and businesses.

If interested please respond to this post and attach your resume & cover letter including any reasons that you feel that you would make you a great fit for our company and being the new trainer at one of our 3 park locations or virtual live bootcamp trainer from your home and how you can benefit our members.

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $15/hour

Job Types: Part-time, Internship

Pay: $15.00 per hour

COVID-19 considerations:
Trainers are asked to follow sanitary guidelines which include pre and post sanitizing of all equipment being used for that day, conduct temperature checks, request members pre-sanitize before each session & bring their own mats (own dumbbells optional).


  • Personal Training or Group Fitness Instruction: 1 year (Preferred)


  • High school or equivalent (Preferred)


  • Certified Personal Trainer (Preferred)


  • English and Spanish (Preferred)

To apply for this job please visit