Sheriff’s RIG9 Supervisor (Civil Service)

  • Full Time
  • Personal Trainer
  • Anywhere

Spokane County Washington

Job Summary

This first-level supervisory position is the single point of qualitative and quantitative work product from Spokane County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) intelligence and analytical staff and programs. The Regional Intelligence Group (RIG9) Supervisor is an experienced trainer, mentor, and supervisor with in-depth experience of law enforcement intelligence operations, analytical support to law enforcement investigations, crime data and criminal analysis, operational security, and specific technical experience across multiple platforms, used within the Law Enforcement (LE) community and SCSO.

TOTAL COMPENSATION: $82,963.05 – 116,148.26 annually. Total compensation is an estimate based upon base compensation, median retirement fund contributions, and current employer-paid health and related benefit contribution rates (including medical, dental, life insurance, long term disability, and leave). The actual total will vary depending upon each employee’s enrollment choices.


  • Copy of valid driver’s license (front side only)
  • Copies of any training records or certifications relevant to the positon (if applicable)
  • DD-214, Member Form 4 (if applicable; See RCW 41.04.010 as to how Veteran’s Preference is applied.)
  • Copy of Permanent Resident Card (if applicable)
  • Sealed official transcripts from the school of your highest level of education. (All transcripts must be sealed official copies. They cannot be uploaded with your application. Please mail official copies to: Spokane County Civil Service, 6011 N Chase Rd., Newman Lake, WA 99025).

Official electronic transcripts sent directly from the school may be sent to Civil Service Specialist, Laura Schwebs at If you have already submitted official transcripts to Civil Service, please do not resubmit. Do make sure to verify Civil Service has your transcripts on file.



Oral Board Interviews: Tuesday, November 10, 2020 at the Sheriff’s Training Center, 6011 N. Chase Road, Newman Lake, WA 99025. *Specific times for oral board interviews will be set after October 30, 2020 when the posting closes.

PLEASE NOTE: All interviews involved with this position must be conducted in-person. No Skype, over-the-phone interviews, or outside testing facilities are permitted. No exceptions. Any and all travel arrangements will be made by the applicant at their own expense.

Examples of Duties

Duties may include, but are not limited to the following:

Works directly with command staff to develop and implement the Sheriff’s vision of Intelligence-Led Policing

Supervises SCSO / RIG9 intelligence programs

Primary liaison with Local, State, Federal, and Task Force Intelligence groups

Coordinates information flow with Washington State Fusion Center

Works with supervisors of forensics, patrol, and investigations to determine support requirements

Supervises Intelligence, Analytical, and Investigative Support personnel

Prioritizes work, assigns, coordinates, and evaluates subordinates

Represents the needs and interests of non-commissioned RIG employees within SCSO

Directs analytical support to RTCC

Determines quality and applicability of subordinate work products

Writes and reviews technical search warrants

Manages access and availability for non-CJIS information systems (TLO, WSIN, DAPS, Accurint)

Conducts and directs investigative and analytical support to Patrol, Investigative Units, and Administration

Coordinates with Public Information Officer, Crime Check, and others to manage and disseminate tips

Provides oversight of strategic and tactical intel / analytical product creation and dissemination

Investigates sensitive information spillage

Oversees collection, production, evaluation, and dissemination of law enforcement intelligence

Conducts technical support for internal investigations

Reviews and recommends new tools and technology to aid operations and investigations

Reviews and recommends applicable policy changes

Minimum Requirements

A United States citizen or lawful permanent resident who can read and write the English language; a Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university in Business, Public Administration, Behavioral Science, Community Planning, Mathematics, Analysis, Criminal Justice, or a related field. An equivalent to five (5) years’ full-time experience supporting law enforcement investigations. An equivalent to two (2) years’ supervisory experience in a law enforcement intelligence related field. Must possess a valid driver’s license from state of residence at the time of appointment and throughout employment.


  • Vision sufficient to read rules, regulations, policies, procedures, computer screens, and computer printouts with no color deficiencies.
  • Hearing sufficient to hear conversations in person and over the telephone.
  • Speech sufficient to make oneself heard and understood in person, in front of groups, in meetings, and over the telephone.
  • Mobility sufficient to safely move around in an office environment, and travel to other locations to attend meetings.
  • Strength sufficient to safely lift and carry routine office supplies up to 50 lbs.
  • Dexterity sufficient to safely operate office equipment, including computers and laptops.
  • Endurance sufficient to maintain efficiency throughout the entire shift and perform during extended hours as required.
  • Maintain an appropriate appearance.


  • General conditions will be inside in a climate-controlled environment, but must be able to work outside in changing weather conditions as circumstances require.
  • Work normal daytime hours with ability to flex to work in 24-hour, 7-day a week operation. This includes working day/night shifts, weekends, holidays and overtime as required. Variety of schedules including 8, 10 and 12-hour shifts.
  • Work in emergency situations that may be physically demanding for long periods of time; assure the delivery of and participate in administering emergency medical aid, evacuations and rescue of individuals from harm in potentially dangerous situations.
  • Exposure to media that may be considered graphic and/or grossly offensive to human senses.
Selection Factors

DEPARTMENTAL DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS: Current Top-Secret security clearance. Experience as a Spokane County Lead Analyst or other law enforcement agency equivalent. Certification as a Certified Law Enforcement Analyst through the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA), or International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA) Certification preferred. Proficient with all Microsoft Office Pro products and mapping software. Analysis Specialization or subject matter expertise in an investigative field, for example: Sex Crimes, Property Crimes, Narcotics, Domestic Terrorism, Financial Investigations, etc.

Knowledge of:

  • Legal process and instruments to include: requests for information, subpoenas, and warrants
  • Preparation and presentation of preservation letters
  • Cellular phone investigations
  • Case management software and law enforcement databases
  • Social media investigative procedures
  • Evidence collection
  • Financial Investigations
  • Gang Investigations
  • County geography
  • Criminal statutes, constitutional and civil law requirements and restraints for their enforcement
  • Policies and procedure manuals for the Sheriff’s Office
  • Local, state, and international terrorist groups
  • Requirements for crime and intelligence system oversight
  • Local, state, and international flow of monetary value
  • Extremist Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
  • Crime analysis methods, practices, and procedures
  • Cyber investigative support
  • Considerable knowledge of personal computers, related equipment, and their application
  • Considerable knowledge of statistical analysis methods, practices, and procedures
  • Considerable knowledge of intelligence cycle

Ability to:

  • Analyze complex data and present it effectively to investigative team
  • Communicate clearly, effectively and coherently via email, phone, and radio
  • Compose reports and visual products using correct grammar and punctuation
  • Assist with physical and mental demands of participating in search warrants
  • Satisfactorily complete prescribed courses of training
  • Keep materials and information confidential and exercise caution to keep within the rights of privacy laws
  • Exercise emotional stability, self-assurance, and a high degree of initiative and good judgment
  • Work independently and prioritize work requirements for multiple concurrent investigations
  • Exhibit a history and characteristic of honesty, reliability, interpersonal skill, and integrity
  • Translate jargon and technical language into layperson’s terms and present findings
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Use discretion and maintain confidentiality
  • Think logically; skill in analyzing and resolving problems
  • Build teams in a complex and diverse work environment

Skilled in:

  • Employment of law enforcement databases
  • Analyzing phone tolls
  • Downloading cellular devices
  • Investigative techniques using Confidential Informants
  • Gathering information and interviewing techniques
  • Exercising independent judgment
  • Effective use of rapidly changing technology
  • Technical law enforcement tools and methods such as: PLX, Geotime, ZETX, UFED, Oxygen Forensics, XRY, Operational Security, Counter-terrorism, Gun crime
  • Skilled in writing and evaluating reports
  • Skilled in financial investigations
  • Skilled in intelligence and counterintelligence investigations / operations
  • Skilled in formatting complex information for immediate comprehension
  • Skilled in supervising non-commissioned personnel, supporting law enforcement investigations
  • Skilled in use of Microsoft programs, including Excel, Access, SharePoint, PowerPoint, and Word
  • Skilled in use of analytical tradecraft

Experience in:

  • Working with national level intelligence organizations
  • Working with state level intelligence organizations
  • Working with local intelligence organizations
  • Intelligence support of operational planning
  • Conducting or assisting counter terrorist investigations and operations
  • Turning intelligence information into investigation or operational support
  • Working in a gang intelligence capacity
  • Working in a drug intelligence capacity
  • Assisting with Intel Led Policing Investigations
  • Managing sources and flow of information
  • Managing a business or department budget
  • Working with crime scene forensics
  • Working with law enforcement undercover operations
  • Managing locally produced 28 CFR 23 information
  • Serving as a US Government Intelligence Officer
  • Serving technical legal processes
  • Serving legal processes for technical evidence
  • Working with local, state, and federal intel and analytical groups
  • Managing and evaluating sources and information
  • Training non-commissioned staff to support LE operations and investigations
  • Mentoring non-commissioned staff, supporting LE operations and investigations
  • Working with administrative, operational, and investigative staff
  • Reviewing detailed work product for completeness and accuracy
  • Working within social media intelligence and investigations

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