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Wisconsin Athletic Club

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WAC Brookfield – , WI

Personal Trainer – Job Description and Performance Expectations

The goal of our Personal Training department is to encourage, coach and educate our members on the many benefits of regular exercise. As a Personal Trainer, you are responsible for motivating and inspiring clients by setting goals, providing feedback and accountability and creating enjoyable and effective fitness experiences. This is not a behind the scenes position – you are on the front-line letting your personality shine, connecting with members, offering complimentary advice, teaching classes and helping clean and maintain fitness equipment. You have an incredible opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.

I. Daily Operations

  • Display a member first attitude by not only being raving fans of WAC, but also for creating raving fans; we are all responsible for attracting and retaining members.
  • Be visible and interact regularly with clients and members using smile, name and eye contact.
  • Acknowledge all members, especially the ones in the fitness center.
  • Offer assistance, correction and advice when appropriate to members who are working out.
  • Conduct daily walk through of the fitness center to ensure safe conditions.
  • Attend Fitness meetings and Programming WAC University sessions.
  • Conduct personal training sessions according to WAC standards; confirm all appointments.
  • Help clean and maintain all fitness equipment.
  • Keep members informed of fitness center etiquette; strive to say yes whenever possible.
  • Follow all responsibilities assigned by the Programming Manager and General Manager.
  • Be available for regular communication with Team Members and Programming Manager.
  • Follow all Fitness department policies and procedures.

II. Team

  • Catch Team Members doing things right and hand out WAC Bucks.
  • Participate in 90-day review and ongoing Team Member evaluations.
  • Communicate to Programming Manager innovative ideas and suggestions to improve the department.
  • Work scheduled sessions or find a replacement; inform Programming Manager of any changes.
  • Pursue ongoing personal and professional development and share what you learn with others.
  • Follow all Team Member policies and procedures.
  • Be a team player – strive to help out wherever and whenever possible.

III. Safety

  • Own and immediately resolve pool problems to ensure member and guest safety.
  • Maintain good standing for CPR certification.
  • Know the Safety Plan and Emergency Action Plan.
  • Follow all insurance, liability and incident report procedures.
  • Regularly clean, sanitize and organize all equipment regularly.
  • Report facility issues and broken equipment immediately to GM and Maintenance department.

IV. Financial

  • Ethically communicate prices and sessions status with clients.
  • Accurately schedule sessions in the member relations management system to ensure correct payroll.
  • Complete individual Fitness payroll by due dates and times.

V. Income Generation

  • Encourage participation by providing promotions to clients, such as the Buy 100, Get 20 event.
  • Do part to help exceed Fitness goals – both individually and department-wide.
  • Up-serve or recommend additional services of interest to our members at point-of-sale.

VI. Programming

  • Act as a liaison between all departments to promote the benefits of Personal Training.
  • Be aware of all programs, activities and events that are happening in the club.
  • Sign up for upcoming programs, activities and events to increase WAC product knowledge.
  • Utilize the Program Process when creating and evaluating Fitness programs and events.
  • Assist in Fitness events, such as Super Saturday.
  • Offer to write WAC Magazine articles for Fitness section.
  • Participate in community organizations and positive social media to actively promote club.

VII. New Member Integration & Retention

  • Work with member services to ensure a smooth transition from sign-up to Fit Sessions.
  • Welcome all new participants to the fitness center and connect them to other programs and events.
  • Utilize the 5-foot rule – if you are within 5 feet of a member, engage them with the WAC greeting.
  • Create memorable experiences. Have fun while engaging members on the fitness floor.
  • Follow up regularly with Fit Session participants and clients to ensure retention.
  • Be personally committed to fitness by actively going through the retention program sessions.

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