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Position: Wellness Advisor I Association: YMCA of Greater Indianapolis

Reports To: Center:
Position Status: Non-exempt (part-time) Date: November 2018 Grade: NE02


To put Christian principles into practice through programs that enhance personal growth and improve health of spirit mind and body for all.

General Function

The Wellness Advisor I is primarily responsible for ensuring the safety of YMCA members utilizing the strength and cardiorespitory areas. The Wellness Advisor I is an instrumental member of the wellness team and will provide a series of retention appointments with new YMCA members, utilizing using software , to engage, track, and support ongoing activity and assist members in reaching their wellness goals through membership at the YMCA. The Wellness Advisor I will be responsible for members throughout the wellness onboarding process, including working one-on-one with members through wellness appointments and the connection of members to selected wellness programs, as well as the follow-up of those members. Advisors will insure proper use of the equipment while maintaining a safe and motivating environment for members.

Know How

  • Must be at least 18 years of age and have knowledge of basic exercise science and wellness principles. Prior (1 year) strength/conditioning experience is required.
  • Must have high school diploma. Must have skills in relationship building, being empathic, and communication in order to perform successfully in this role.
  • A working knowledge of YMCA programs in wellness and other program areas is required.
  • Must have a basic understanding of computer hardware and software is required.
  • Administrative skills needed include organizational skills, scheduling, outcome tracking, follow through, and record-keeping skills.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality regarding personal information of members.
  • Position requires current certifications in CPR AED, First Aid, Safety & Risk Management, New Employee Orientation, Child Abuse Prevention, YMCA Healthy Lifestyles, Foundations of Strength and Conditioning (or equivalent), and Listen First. .
  • Maintain Continuing Education Credits, and other requirements to keep all certifications current.

Principle Responsibilities

1. Instruct and assist members, on safe use of wellness center equipment and rules.

2. Reconnect as necessary.

3. Use Mobile Fit to complete and track four appointment wellness onboarding series with new members to promote exercise adherence and assist members in reaching their fitness goals.

4. Use the Listen First Method when conducting conversations with potential new members to recommend appropriate program options.

5. Use listen first skills when following up with new members.

6. Promote a healthy lifestyle, and be an enthusiastic role model.

7. Understand, demonstrate, and promote the Mission and Core Values of the YMCA in programs and membership.

8. Provide a safe environment for all members and participants.

9. Follow strength-training guidelines, complying with National YMCA guidelines.

10. Maintain scope of position, connect members to certified personal trainers and YMCA programs for specific needs.

11. to promote the building of small communities.

12. Arrive for shift on time and dressed appropriately following the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis dress code.

13. Work in cooperation with other staff to insure smooth operation of the Wellness Center and ensure excellent member service…

14. Perform member, including but not limited to phone calls, follow up appointments, and cards when appropriate to promote retention and exercise adherence

15. Respond to members’ messages and requests for reviews in a timely manner.

16. Enhance the member experience by ensuring towels are folded and the wellness center is safe and clean, this includes but is not limited to cleaning equipment, basic facility cleaning, and assistance with other department (depending on the facility).

17. Promote volunteer opportunities to all members and participants.

18. Attend branch/department trainings and meetings as required.

19. Actively participate and promote the annual campaign.

20. Perform other duties/assignments as needed at the YMCA.


1. Visually inspect the strength and cardiorespiatory areas for equipment in need of repair and report problems to the supervisor.

2. Ability to visibly observe participants for correct usage of equipment and appropriate movements during instruction of exercises.

3. Must be able to physically demonstrate exercises and lead relevant exercise sessions.

4. Teach classes, substitute shifts, and demonstrate exercises as needed in the Wellness Department.

5. Ability to be in a crouching position and regularly twist body at the waist, shoulders or legs.

6. Ability to sit and stand for extended periods of time and work in a kneeling position.

7. Ability to inspect equipment, assist in cleaning and maintaining the equipment as needed.

8. Ability to concentrate even when distracted by noise and activity.

9. Ability to communicate effectively with members, participants and other YMCA employees.

10. Ability to respond to questions/concerns from members, solve problems in a prompt manner and make independent judgment and decisions.

11. Lift and transport weight up to 45 pounds.

12. Ability to observe and promote safety and security procedures.

13. Physically and mentally able to respond to emergencies and administer CPR and First Aid effectively.


1. Be informed and up-to-date on the latest developments in your field.

1. Acquaint members with other YMCA programs and benefits.

2. Develop relationships that promote the building of small communities.

4. Recommend participation in a variety of YMCA programs.

5. Support our YMCA annual campaign, invite members to participate.

6. Be able to articulate the role and importance of volunteers.

7. Be informed about volunteer opportunities.

8. Provide an environment in which valuing diversity is encouraged and the 40 Developmental Assets can

be built and emphasized.

Effects on End Result

The effectiveness of performance in this position can be judged by:

1. Knowledge and application of knowledge for strength training programs, cardiorespiratory training programs, wellness onboarding process.

1. Meet or exceed and agreed upon retention rate for wellness onboarding process.

2. Positive member feedback through evaluations.

3. Increase the % of members who feel welcome at the YMCA.

4. Increase the % of new members who receive a Wellness Appointment.

5. Maintain and/or improve the overall cleanliness and organization of the wellness center.

6. Demonstrates positive attitude toward: members, position, and staff.

7. Participants will experience a safe, nurturing environment and feel positive about being involved with the YMCA.

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It is the policy of the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis to provide equal employment opportunity to employees and candidates for employment. Accordingly, there shall be no discrimination against any employee or candidate for employment due to race, color, religious creed, sex, national origin, age, citizenship, disability or against disabled veterans and veterans of the Vietnam era. This policy is applicable to the policies governing recruitment, hiring and placement, promotion, training, compensation, employment environment, and separation or termination.

Compliance with this policy is the personal responsibility of all personnel, especially those whose duties are related to the hiring of new employees and the status or tenure of current employees. Further, as an Equal Opportunity Employer, the company will cooperate fully in the implementation of applicable laws and executive orders.

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