Dog Daycare Attendant/Zen Master – could lead to assistant dog trainer

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Zen Doggy Den

REQUIREMENT TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS POSITION** Include a cover letter that states you have fully read the description of the job and its requirements, why you feel you should be considered for this position, and the days and times you are available to work. Can be sent via indeed or emailed to us. Our email address can be found on our website. If all of these requirements are not met in the same cover letter, you will automatically be rejected. We have been told attachments did not go through indeed so if you have doubts double check or email it instead!

Company information: We are a Dog Daycare/Training/boarding facility. We offer balanced dog training and encourage a holistic lifestyle.

The following is a description of everyone’s role at Zen Doggy Den and a copy of what is posted on the regular dog daycare attendant job description page. Read through it thoroughly and then below it is what we are looking for with the management position: Do you love dogs but not to the point you humanize them? Do you love living a natural lifestyle whether that be through organic food, organic products, or a mixture of everything? Finding like minded people to our ideology would be awesome but not a requirement. Taking the initiative to learn about it would be great. You will be supervising/commanding groups of multiple dogs at a time. We do smaller playgroups currently of 2, 3, or 4 but this may change to up to 7 in the future. You will be doing lots of cleaning and sometimes bathing dogs. If you can’t handle explosive diarrhea when a dog decides to splash it all over a crate and across the room – then seek a job elsewhere because its going to happen eventually.

You will also be dual trained for the front desk, checking out clients, taking payments, checking in dogs, answering phones, etc. If you need to be micro-managed and don’t like working alone then please do not apply. We are working towards having less alone time but it will still happen so you need to be able to function by yourself when the time arises. This position trains you to work alone but many fail quickly after being on their own.

For Daycare attendant positions: Qualified individuals can move up to assistant dog trainer in the future or even dog trainer if desired but right now we need dog caretakers dual trained with front desk/customer service. This job should be looked at as a learning experience because you will learn a lot about dogs! Dog training schools charge $5,000 and up to become a mediocre dog trainer. We want someone that wants to learn and grow with this company. We deal with all breeds of dogs and temperaments.

We need reliability, you are responsible for living creatures. Attention to detail, we give meds and each dog requires different feeding instructions etc. If you won’t be able to remember dogs names after a couple times of handling them – don’t bother applying because this is very offensive to dog owners. If you can’t handle constructive criticism and are going to get defensive or think you know better – don’t bother applying. I am actually a pretty easy going boss but people quickly realize they can’t handle working alone, or they can’t handle rotating 2 dogs every 20 minutes, or they don’t like cleaning, or they don’t know how to talk to customers. We also have set rules such as no petting dogs in front of other dogs they don’t live with and no running with dogs. This job is more about handling, managing and cleaning up after dogs than it is about playing with them. Being up front now will save me the wasted time on people that aren’t prepared.

Overall if you make it with us, we are actually a really nice place to work. We have great clients, great dogs. We are a woman owned, small business. Most of what we do is common “dog sense.” Unfortunately that is just much harder to find than you’d think. Time off is no problem with enough notice except holidays must be worked – that is the nature of the business and this year we specifically need more people for Thanksgiving and Christmas. There will also be no time off between the last week of October through the first week of January 2021. Swapping shifts with other employees might be a possibility but no guarantees.

We are now seeking a management position as the owner is going on maternity leave the beginning of November. We are undecided if this position will be best filled with two part time managers or one full time manager. We are also considering an assistant manager if we can’t find someone to fully fit the role. Our current concern is that if anyone gets sick, we don’t want to be left with no employees or managers to cover.

Skills and requirements for the management position:

  • Overseeing day to day operations of other employees. Filling in for employees if they call out and properly fulfilling their role is a must.
  • Making sure the daycare and boarding dogs are being properly cared for according to our standards.
  • You must be comfortable working alone.
  • Maintain our online system, ProPet to ensure that it is functioning correctly, that customers are able to request the proper services, and that customers are being properly billed for the services they use. We use Square for payments and it does not integrate with ProPet, so manually marking services paid and making sure it is kept up with so we know who has a balance on their account and who doesn’t.
  • Checking for daily add ons and ensuring they are done such as baths, or treats to be given to the dogs.
  • Be responsible for the growth of our company. Making sure every customer is satisfied and finding ways to help us grow more is huge!
  • help train new daycare attendants to ensure they have the tools they need to provide excellent customer service and care for the dogs that are entrusted to us.
  • Ensuring there is proper communication between employees/shift changes so things aren’t missed. Especially important information a customer may have given during drop off.
  • Attention to detail and the cleanliness of our facility.
  • Respond to customer inquires in a timely manner. Memorizing our policies and procedures to ensure you provide peace of mind to new customers from the very beginning.
  • Making sure daily photos are taken of the dogs during play/outside time. Photos should be uploaded to our private facebook group daily or every other day at most. Posting photos on our facebook and instagram every few days. For clients that don’t have facebook, photos should be sent via the ProPet Portal as well as updates to clients that may worry about their dogs. Ensuring report cards are done for all new dogs on their first visit.
  • Making sure kennel cards are properly filled out with the correct information when dogs are dropped off for boarding.
  • There may be some additional responsibilities but these are the main ones. Let us know what you can bring to the table!

Previous experience in a dog related facility is REQUIRED. Some group dog experience is a must, we don’t have the time to start with someone brand new to dog body language or how to handle multiple dogs at a time. Ideally someone that knows how to lead dogs and not allow them to take advantage of them. Candidates with experience in groups of dogs or extensive knowledge of body language will be picked first. You must be very friendly and people oriented. You must understand you are caring for the lives of dogs and you are responsible to keep them safe! You need to enjoy helping people too. Must be 18 or older, have reliable transportation, be punctual and reliable, non cigarette smokers highly preferred. Owning a couple of dogs does not qualify as experience. You grew up with family dogs, does not qualify as experience. If you have any fear of dogs do not apply, we handle fearful and aggressive dogs occasionally. I am not looking for someone that thinks they know everything from a previous facility as we do things very differently, however the experience is preferred as long as you are prepared to learn a somewhat different way. A background check for animal abuse will be performed. Overall we are laid back and an enjoyable place to work for the right candidate. We just hold our employees to a high standard as we expect a high standard of care for the dogs. We are also tired of the revolving door of employees that don’t read the description and waste our time and money training to quickly realize this job is not what they thought it would be. Prove to me you are worth it.

Work schedule: fairly flexible but holidays are mandatory. We are seeking to fill one to two positions at the moment as described above. Part time or full time depending. Days and times to be determined as this is a new position for us.

Benefits: Daycare for your personal dog is free, boarding is half price, and dog training is 40% off.

Salary: $13 to $15 an hour. We do offer a bonus program that any clients you refer that become a paying client – you get $25. There is no limit to this so if you are good at promoting and know lots of dog people, you can easily earn bonuses. Raises every 3-6 months depending on performance. Tips also divided among employees at the end of each month. Prove your worth and you will find this is a great place to work and it will not go unnoticed.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Pay: $13.00 – $15.00 per hour


  • Employee discount
  • Flexible schedule
  • Referral program


  • 10 hour shift
  • 8 hour shift
  • Day shift
  • Holidays
  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekends

Supplemental Pay:

  • Bonus pay
  • Tips

COVID-19 considerations:
Masks are worn in front of customers. We have a hand sanitizer station. We also have quick and limited contact drop offs/pick ups. Most customers pay via invoice online to limit exposure.

Work Location:

  • One location

Work Remotely:

  • No

To apply for this job please visit